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Meet the team

Great people make great adventures

Meet the Dynamic Team Behind Our Gardening Magic

Liz Walker
Liz Walker
Meet Liz Walker, our effervescent gardening whiz with a knack for turning green spaces into works of art. She's all about digging deep, laughing loud, and growing joy one plant at a time.
Rik James Author
Rik James
Say hello to Rik, the tech maestro and gardening enthusiast who keeps our digital landscape as lush as our real ones. He's the wizard behind the screen, making tech and tulips a perfect pair.

Questions we get asked all day long

From 'Why is my cactus so prickly?' to 'Can plants hear me sing?', here are the answers to the gardening mysteries that keep you up at night (or at least during watering time).
What's the secret to a blooming garden all year round?
The secret is... there's no secret! Just a mix of seasonal planting, a dash of patience, and a sprinkle of Liz's magic green thumb tips. And okay, maybe a little bit of talking to your plants – they love a good pep talk.
Can technology really help my garden grow?
In Rik's words, "Absolutely!" From tracking sunlight to setting watering reminders, tech is like having a personal gardening assistant who doesn't complain about getting dirty.
Are there any plants that are Liz-proof? I mean, beginner-friendly?
Liz-proof plants are basically beginner-friendly plants. Think succulents, snake plants, and trusty spider plants. They're resilient, just like Liz's sense of humor.
How often should I visit MyAeroGardening for gardening tips?
As often as you eat vegetables – which should be pretty often! We're always cooking up fresh tips and tricks, with a side of Liz's laughter and Rik's tech-savvy seasoning.
Any tips for dealing with garden pests?
Yes, negotiate with them! Just kidding. Liz suggests natural remedies like neem oil or inviting pest predators to your garden party. It's all about balance – and sometimes, a little bug diplomacy.
How does Rik keep the website running so smoothly?
With a combination of tech wizardry, a steady diet of coffee, and the occasional pep talk to the server. He's like a digital gardener – instead of pruning roses, he's trimming code.
What's the best gardening advice Liz has ever received?
"Don't worry if you make mistakes. Even compost happens." It's all about learning, growing, and occasionally, resurrecting a plant or two.
What's the best way to start gardening as a beginner?
Start small, dream big! Grab a pot, some soil, and a plant that catches your eye. Liz recommends talking to your plants; they haven't talked back yet, but we're hopeful.